Auto insurance broker: for whom, why, advantages, disadvantages?

Do you want to take advantage of cheap and efficient car insurance? The best solution is to use a broker who will accompany you in your search.


The broker is an independent professional whose role is to find the best auto insurance contracts for his clients, that is to say those with guarantees adapted to the profile of the insured and at a lower cost. Who are its services aimed at? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an auto insurance broker? Details.

What are the missions of the auto insurance broker?

The auto insurance broker is an independent service provider serving as an intermediary between the insurance company and the customers. Its independence is a guarantee of the quality of its service. Brokers are registered with ORIAS, the single register of agents in insurance, banking and finance. This authorization provides clients with a minimum level of skills for this professional, who must provide proof of a clean criminal record, a BAC+3 level diploma, and the holding of professional civil liability.


A more efficient car insurance search

The auto insurance broker is responsible for comparing the offers for you. It selects only those that match your profile and your budget. These skills and his experience in the field of insurance allow him to negotiate a certain number of contracts each year and to negotiate with partners. Thus, you do not waste time looking for offers yourself and benefit from valuable advice to realize your real estate project in the best conditions.


Car insurance contracts at the best price

Thanks to its large network of insurer and bank partners, the auto insurance broker can obtain attractive discounts and pass them on to its customers. By bringing into play the competition between the many players present on this market, it is able to offer you a contract at the best price.


In addition, brokers do not necessarily charge fees. Some are directly remunerated by the insurers by benefiting from a commission on the contracts taken out. The fees depend on the missions requested from the broker. In general, the induced price remains relatively accessible.


Car insurance broker: what are the disadvantages?

The major disadvantage lies in the fact that the broker does not engage the responsibility of the insurance companies with which he works. The latter will therefore not answer for his faults. Thus, in the event of omission, error, embezzlement or embezzlement, his professional liability must be called into question. For any request for car insurance from a broker, it is therefore advisable to communicate with him by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt or, failing that, to contact the insurer directly.


Finally, to avoid your broker directing you to the contract that pays him the best and not to the best auto insurance contract, ask for several quotes to compare the offers in detail. Do not hesitate to use an online comparator to save time.

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