Car insurance without deductible: advice, prices and quotes

By taking out car insurance without a deductible, the insured will not have to bear the remaining costs after reimbursement in the event of a claim.


No longer having to pay the deductible is the dream of all motorists. For this, you must take out car insurance without deductible. In this case, the insurer will bear all the costs in the event of a claim. On the other hand, this total coverage generally affects the amount of the insurance premium much higher than for car insurance with deductible.

Car insurance: what is the deductible?

In terms of insurance, the deductible corresponds to the part of the compensation that is not reimbursed by the insurer after a claim. This amount remains the responsibility of the insured. Setting up a deductible is a means of prevention to encourage motorists to drive carefully.


There are three types of franchises. In the case of a simple or relative deductible, the insured will not be compensated for costs lower than the amount of the deductible. If the amount of damage is greater than the deductible, the insurance company will subtract the deductible. The mileage deductible evaluates the scope of validity of your guarantee. Finally, in the case of an absolute deductible, the costs related to the damage are subtracted by the amount paid by the insurer. The absolute deductible can be fixed or variable.


Some insurances provide for cases in which the deductible does not apply. So, remember to read the contract carefully before you commit.


Franchise is not mandatory

If the subscription of an auto insurance is obligatory, this is not the case of the deductible. Indeed, insurers are free to set the deductible amounts they wish for each guarantee. Many insurance companies offer car insurance without deductible. However, this often affects the amount of the insurance premium. In this case, we speak of deductible redemption since the insured has the right not to pay deductible by paying higher premiums.


As a reminder, the calculation of the premium is based on several parameters: the criteria linked to the vehicle, the criteria linked to your personal situation and those linked to the insurer's strategy.


Compare car insurance without deductible

Taking out car insurance without a deductible requires an in-depth study of the offers on the market. For this, it may be wise to use an online comparator. This free and easy-to-use tool will give you a clear idea of ​​the rates charged by insurers. You then have the possibility of making an auto insurance simulation online without having to personally canvass each insurance company, which saves you valuable time and money.


The comparison of car insurance has become essential given the large number of offers on the market. Do not hesitate any longer, immediately compare car insurance contracts without deductible to find the one that suits you.

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