Lending a car: what consequences for car insurance?

Before lending your car, check that your car insurance provides for this possibility. Otherwise, you could be financially responsible for any damage caused.


The vehicle loan is a widespread practice but can reserve unpleasant surprises for the insured. Before entrusting your car, it is better to have read the risks involved and contacted your insurance company in case of doubt.

What does your auto insurance policy say about the car loan?

Before handing over the keys to your vehicle, remember to check your car insurance policy. If this clause is included, it means that you are covered by the civil liability guarantee, including in the event of a responsible claim caused by the occasional driver. In this situation, the insurer will cover material and bodily damage suffered by third parties, regardless of who is driving the vehicle. Obviously, people who do not hold a driving license and those driving while intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics are not covered by the contract.


While some insurers authorize the loan of a vehicle unconditionally, others apply an increased deductible in the event of a claim at fault, do not cover the claim in the event of a young driver or even accept the loan of a steering wheel but only when it concerns a member of the family of the insured. Therefore, it is strongly advised to study your contract before committing.


Vehicle loan: what damage is covered in the event of an accident?

If the occasional driver is responsible for the accident, the car insurance will cover at least the damage caused to third parties. With regard to damage caused to the driver and to your vehicle, coverage depends on the level of cover chosen.


If the occasional driver is not responsible for the accident, the motor vehicle liability insurance of the third party involved will cover the material damage and bodily injury observed.


Finally, in the event of shared responsibility, the insurance of each driver will cover part of the costs.


What consequences on the bonus-malus?

Whatever the clauses provided for by your car insurance, you remain the main person responsible for your vehicle. In other words, if the person to whom you lend your vehicle causes a claim, the penalty will be charged to you. However, you can turn against the driver by asking him for damages. It is important to specify that this rule only applies when the car has been used without the authorization of the main driver. It is then up to the latter to prove to his insurer that he was not aware.


Have you considered temporary auto insurance?

If your car insurance contract does not cover the vehicle loan, you can always take out temporary car insurance. To do this, you need the car's registration document, your driving license and a possible statement of information. Even if the guarantees offered by these contracts are often reduced to the legal minimum, they allow you to be covered for civil liability and to benefit from legal protection.


To find the best temporary car insurance, do not hesitate to compare the offers with the help of a free and non-binding online comparator.


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