The 5 best business management software in 2022

Optimizing its processes, improving its customer relationship, managing its teams, monitoring its cash flow while saving time and reducing its costs are part of the tasks of an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you to be as efficient as possible. These are business management software. What is it and how to choose the right one? Follow our guide and discover the best business management software.


What is business management software?

A business management software is a tool composed of several modules that allows a company to manage different facets of its activity. We also talk about PGI software, the acronym for “Integrated Management Software”, or ERP for “Enterprise Resource Planning”.

The modules generally concern:

  • ·      accountability ;
  • ·      billing;
  • ·      inventory management;
  • ·      commercial management;
  • ·      project organization and management;
  • ·      Human resources management …

The purpose of management software is to streamline, automate, speed up processes and above all to connect these different aspects of the company to each other through the centralization of data in real time.

These tools are aimed at all companies, from VSEs to large companies, including SMEs, ETIs, but also the self-employed and self-employed. If you need to process accounting, order management, customer relations, payroll and above all all at the same time, this is what this modular software allows you to do.


What are the types of business management software?

All-in-one business management software

They are also called generalist management software. Thanks to their different modules, they adapt to the needs of your company. They have many features that you can choose to use or not depending on your business activities.


Specialized business management software

Other software, on the contrary, is specialized:

  • ·      either they are aimed at a particular sector of activity, such as industry, services or e-commerce for example;
  • ·      or they only have certain modules whose functionalities are more advanced.
  • ·      There are also business management software more specifically adapted to a size of business, such as self-employed entrepreneurs or, conversely, SMEs.


The main features of business management software

As we have mentioned, management software are tools with several modules. Some features are almost always present while for others, it will depend on the software.


Accounting and financial management

Most business management software has functions related to accounting and financial management. While merchants will be interested in cashing out, SMEs will be looking for in-depth financial analysis. We can also find cash monitoring or management of expense reports, for example.

Freelancers, VSEs and SMEs find Quickbooks a very complete tool, while other solutions are more niche and focus more on cash management like Fygr or Agicap or on collections like Libeo.


Commercial management

Prospecting, quotes, invoices, order tracking, customer relations, supplier management are generally features integrated into business management software. Combining both an invoicing tool and CRM software features, it allows you to centralize all the data relating to your sales management in one place and to automate processes, as Sellsy does very well for example.


Stock management

Thanks to a processing of various sales channels and an update in real time, you obtain a global vision of the stock. You can easily control your stock, your inventories, your purchases.


Project management

Whether you work alone or in a team, business management software can contain useful features to manage your business in project mode. Shared agenda, planning, project progress, time tracking… Management software acts like project management software to manage your projects from a single tool, as seen with Quickbooks.


Logistics management

Logistics management can also be a feature included in management software. It allows products to be managed across all processes, from procurement to final delivery.


HR management

A business management software with an HR module such as Axonaut will be interesting for VSEs and SMEs to support them in the management of their human resources: payroll, training, planningng, skills management, statistical tools, etc. It brings together the functionalities of HRIS software or payroll software within an even more complete tool.


Our selection of the best business management software


Created in the United States, the Quickbooks business management software is a 100% online tool, very complete and used today worldwide by 4.5 million users.


Quickbooks is a feature-rich online software.

It includes an accounting module (including bank synchronization, expense reports, payment tracking) and invoicing. But there are also features specific to project, budget and cash management. Only HR, payroll and inventory management are missing.

With its three non-binding formulas, it is particularly suitable for solo self-employed people, VSEs and small SMEs, especially in the service sector. But it can also be suitable for other activities, in particular thanks to the Plus formula and the many possible integrations. To learn more, read our Quickbooks review.



Pennylane is a French software intended for the financial management of VSEs and SMEs.

Invoicing, cash management, accounting, etc. Pennylane is a complete tool. Even if the functionalities are less advanced than with specialized software, they have the advantage with Pennylane of being grouped together in a single, accessible and easy-to-use solution. You thus obtain a vision and an overall financial management of your company.

Pennylane is particularly suitable for SMEs and VSEs generating a lot of financial flows, such as the e-commerce or catering sector. With three pricing formulas, the offer is non-binding and includes start-up support.

The software is online and also has a mobile application. To find out more, read our opinion on Pennylane.



French software, Sellsy is a very advanced CRM tool that also has invoicing and accounting features.

With many features, Sellsy is a very rich software that perfectly accompanies SMEs and VSEs with a strong commercial activity, service companies, businesses (physical or online) or developing start-ups. The choice of modules is customizable to suit your needs.

The CRM functions of the Sellsy business management software are particularly advanced with, in particular, marketing, prospecting and customer relationship monitoring tools. Added to this are invoicing, stock and inventory management, statistical analyses, etc. The only regret is that accounting management is limited to data entry and you will have to either use another tool or call on an expert- accountant to manage your accounts. Nevertheless, Sellsy is a real easy-to-use all-in-one tool.

Pricing is based on the modules chosen and the number of users. You can test it with the 15-day free trial (and/or the 30-minute demo) and the commitment is for 12 months. To find out more, read our opinion on Sellsy.



French software designed for VSEs and SMEs, Axonaut allows you to manage invoicing, CRM, cash, accounting and many other aspects of your business.

Axonaut is a complete and rather universal business management software since it adapts to all activities and all sizes of business. Its features are rich. Commercial management is carried out through invoicing, the CRM module and its many marketing tools. You can also manage your projects, your cash flow and your stocks.

Accounting management is limited to the preparation of your accounts, but you can still process your expense reports and purchase orders and take advantage of bank synchronization. Finally, the HRIS module helps you manage schedules, track time and calculate expenses – only payroll management is not available.

Not to mention all the possible integrations that enrich your tool. Pricing is simple and transparent, and you can test the software for 15 days for free. To find out more, read our review of Axonaut.



We end this selection with the Fygr software specialized in cash management, created in France in 2019.

Fyrg is a management software aimed at optimizing and simplifying tasks related to cash management. With efficient and secure bank synchronization, Fygr features include cash tracking and forecasting.

It is aimed at the self-employed, start-ups, VSEs and SMEs. We regret the absence of a mobile application but it remains compatible on tablet and smartphone. The pricing is simple and the 7-day free trial is nice. In the same vein, you can take a look at Agicap, another cash management software. To learn more, read our Fygr review.

There are many other business management software out there. We can cite NetSuite for VSEs or Divalto for SMEs. Among the best known on the market, we also find the range of software from Sage or EBP. Finally, you can also consult the open source software Odoo, accessible free of charge, or even Kiwili the all-in-one software.

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