The 7 best accounting software for small business

Many of you choose accounting software for your micro-enterprise, both to save time and to limit errors (even if the accounting obligations in micro-enterprises remain limited).


To help you choose your tool, here is our selection of the best accounting software for freelancers in 2022. You can also rely on our selection criteria provided in the second part to make the right choice.


Our selection of the best accounting software for micro-enterprises

Thanks to our numerous tests and trials on the accounting software available on the market, we offer you a list of tools adapted to your status. However, it is worth remembering that there is no best accounting software for all self-employed entrepreneurs, but a software that is best suited to your needs. Here is our selection (updated regularly).

  • Freebe – Freelancers only
  • Abby – All Professions
  • Quickbooks – All Professions
  • Indy – All Professions
  • Sinao – All professions
  • NeedMe – All Professions
  • – All professions

You will notice that our selection only contains so-called SaaS software, which can be used directly online. More modern, with a more interesting quality/price ratio and adapted to professionals on the move, they are more suited to your status in our opinion. We have therefore focused our selection on this type of software for the self-employed, but we still mention one to download at the end of this list.



If you do some research on accounting software for micro-enterprises, you will inevitably come across Freebe: an accounting software entirely intended for freelancers with this status. It is therefore no surprise that it is part of our selection!


Its features are designed to meet the precise and specific needs of micro freelancers:

  • register of expenses and receipts edited automatically
  • synchronization with URSSAF for the automation of declarations
  • invoicing module, including a project mode for invoicing the customer on time

Like any good management software, it also includes bank synchronization and monitoring dashboards. On the limit side, we have already mentioned it but Freebe is mainly aimed at freelancers. The other professions will find alternatives in the rest of this selection. For more information, see Freebe reviews.



More recently arrived on the market of accounting software for self-employed entrepreneurs, Abby has many arguments to please.


Creating an account is 100% free with no time limit, and already allows you to manage the invoicing and accounting of a micro-enterprise:

  • Quotations and invoicing;
  • Bank synchronization;
  • Task management;
  • URSSAF declarations in 1 click.

Abby is therefore an all-in-one management software for freelancers. It brings together all the functionalities necessary for the administrative management and management of your activity. From invoicing to mandatory declarations through the management of your client portfolio, nothing is forgotten. To find out more, read our review of Abby.



Quickbooks is an online management and accounting software used by many self-employed people from all sectors of activity.


Modern, intuitive and efficient, it has many advantages such as:

  • easier management of expense reports thanks to optical recognition technology;
  • bank synchronization;
  • a mobile application available on iOS and Android;
  • an invoicing module included.

On the other hand, it is one of the rare accounting software that does not offer (anymore!) a free trial to be able to test the tool before committing. To learn more, read our Quickbooks review.



Specially designed for the liberal professions, Indy is an accounting software that will suit micro-enterprises thanks to its ease of use and its level of automation.


We find the main functions of an accounting software for self-employed:

  • bank synchronization;
  • automating ;
  • management dashboards.

BIC or BNC are both accepted. On the side of the point of attention, the price is higher than certain price plans of other software in our selection, but the time saved is well worth the investment. To find out more, read our opinion on Indy.

With a version dedicated to auto-entrepreneurs, offers a suitable tool that is among the cheapest on the market. Very complete, it remains very simple to use and will be easily accessible by the most novices.


All the functions necessary for keeping your accounts are present, with the added bonus of an invoicing module. This is one of the reasons why macompta is often cited as one of the best accounting software for the self-employed. Its weak point: there is no mobile version. Here is our opinion on



Complete management software, Sinao offers an accounting management formula adapted to your status.


Its web and mobile interface is easy to use. The many features will save you time on your accounting management (such as bank synchronization, for example). You will also have a powerful invoicing tool.


Point of attention, the monthly rate of the formula is a little higher than Freebe for example, but Sinao has the advantage of addressing all professions. To find out more, read our opinion on Sinao.


Need Me

The latest arrival on the self-employed accounting software market, NeedMe has the merit of addressing all professions.


There are interesting features for micro-enterprises:

  • Automatically edited expense and revenue register;
  • Synchronization with URSSAF for the automation of declarations;
  • Invoicing module, including a project mode for invoicing the customer on time.

We also particularly appreciate the interface, very easy to use and especially the price: one of the lowest on the market. On the limit side, we especially expect bank synchronization which will save even more time in your daily management. To find out more, read our opinion on NeedMe.


Let's end this selection with other accounting software for self-employed entrepreneurs who also have a good reputation, but which we have not yet had the opportunity to test:, gest4u, JePilote or NeedMe.


Do you absolutely have to pay for your micro-enterprise's accounting software?

Many of you want to give preference to free micro-business accounting software. We understand why, but also understand that they do not necessarily provide the same level of services as paid tools.


So even if micro accounting remains succinct and simplified (essentially income and expense book), spending a few euros per month for software is often easily justified for more modern, more complete tools, including updates, etc… This- said, if the budget is an important criterion for you, here are some software that will do the trick, and which are free.


TiimeAE is a free software for auto-entrepreneurs. It brings together billing and accounting under a single tool with simplified and intuitive use. Other 100% online and free software, ComptaAE or MyAE are also dedicated to this status. Finally, Odoo also offers a free plan.


In any case, this selection will evolve according to our future tests and software developments.

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