What is car insurance glass breakage coverage?

Impact or cracks on your windshield, glass breakage is one of the most frequent automobile claims. Although it is not serious, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible to maintain good visibility.


The glass breakage guarantee is not systematically provided for by car insurance contracts. Third-party formulas do not include it. Glass breakage can however be taken out as an option. Explanations.

Damage covered by the glass breakage guarantee

The glass breakage guarantee of car insurance financially covers the insured in the event of damage to the glass parts of the vehicle. The windshield, side windows, rear window and mirrors are usually covered by contracts. The scope of the glass breakage guarantee is specified in the general conditions of sale.


Depending on the formula taken out, the glass breakage guarantee may be accompanied by a deductible, leaving part of the repair costs to be borne by the insured. The amount of the deductible is very different from one insurer to another. A high deductible can mean extended coverage. It is important to check it before taking out an auto insurance contract.


Glass breakage guarantee and compensation

Two conditions must be met to trigger compensation: glass breakage cover must be provided for in your car insurance contract, the claim must be exclusive. Indeed, the vehicle must not have been the subject of other damage such as the theft of a car radio for example. Once the impact has been observed, you have 5 working days to declare it to the insurer. Thus, the glass breakage guarantee does not apply in the event of theft and vandalism which are the subject of specific guarantees but whose deductibles are often much higher.


The compensation process takes two forms. The insured has the possibility of having his vehicle repaired directly after obtaining the agreement of the insurance company. The invoice will then be sent to the insurer for reimbursement. The insurer can also appoint a partner company to pay the benefits directly to it. In the latter case, only the deductible will remain the responsibility of the insured.


Does glass breakage affect the bonus-malus?

Glass breakages have no impact on the calculation of the bonus-malus. Indeed, they are considered as fortuitous events which do not engage the responsibility of the driver. Only claims involving a third party can modify the calculation of the premium reduction or increase coefficient. However, if several claims of this type are repeated during the same year, the insurer may increase the amount of the auto insurance premium or even terminate the contract.


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