13 Best PDF Converter Software 2023

PDF are known for their portability and ease of document sharing. In fact, PDF files are the most widely shared file types on the Internet.

If you work in a corporate setup, PDF files are used daily to share reports and other documents.

However, PDFs are not perfect for recreational purposes.

For example, it is much easier to edit a normal document file or an image file; than making changes to a PDF.

So, if you need to edit or make changes to a PDF file, you might be looking for the best PDF converter software to do it.

Now the market is full of many PDF converters. Some of them are undoubtedly good, but most of them are essential and of subpar quality.

Many of them even contain malware. And just so you don't have to waste hours of your time looking for good PDF converter software, we've worked hard for you.

So without making you wait any longer, here are the best PDF converter software that you can use.

Best PDF Converter Software:

  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • PDF WIZ by Starzsoft
  • SodaPDF Anywhere
  • easy PDF
  • Able2Extract
  • PTO Power Grade
  • Foxit Phantom PDF
  • iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro
  • Nitro Pro 11
  • PDF Architect
  • SmallPDF
  • PDF Sam
  • Meeting


1, Adobe Acrobat DC

The one, only, Adobe Acrobat DC is one of the most popular PDF software. And there is a reason for that because Adobe is the company that founded the PDF format.

Acrobat DC is a premium piece of software with a long list of features related to PDF manipulation.

However, too many features can get downright confusing for many users. But there is no reason to be alarmed because Adobe has a great community, and you can ask for help with all your doubts, which makes it easy to get started with the software.

The main feature of the application would be the fact that it is a huge program which covers all PDF related features.

Most useful would be its high level of security and collaboration options.


2,  PDF WIZ by Starzsoft

A complete and free solution to convert PDF files into several different file types.

If you want to do anything with your PDF file, this is the tool you need.

You can use WIZ PDF to convert your PDF file to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

You can also convert your PDF file to text, HTML or you can convert them to image files like JPG, PNG, TIFF or any other image format.

If you look at the reverse option, you can convert other files to PDF using this PDF converter.

PDF WIZ offers you a number of other solutions for your PDF files, such as splitting PDF files, merging different PDF files, compressing files, and more.


3,  SodaPDF Anywhere

SodaPDF Anywhere comes from LULU software. The application is well known for its excellent flexibility and a scalable user package that combines a high level of customization options.

Its user interface is easy to use and extremely clean unlike many of its competitors which offer confusing and cluttered user interfaces.

The app comes with an affordable price tag that comes with a host of features that will appeal to both basic and advanced users. This makes the software ideal for both personal and business use cases.

A few of its notable features include decent OCR, batch conversions, Bates numbering, cloud compatibility, and much more.


4,  Easy PDF

As the name suggests, this tool will help you easily create a PDF document for your business. The platform gives you a number of different tools to convert documents to PDF and PDF to other versions.

For example, you can quickly download any Word document and convert it to PDF file and if you need to convert PDF file to Word, you can do that too.

Easy PDF offers you other useful tools for merging PDFs. You can use this tool in case you need to merge several PDF files together.

PDF Compress is another great tool that will help you reduce your PDF file size before uploading it anywhere.


5,  Able2Extract

Professional Able2Extract is a cross-platform productivity solution for creating, editing and convertingand PDF. The software is packed with useful features like converting scanned PDFs, filling and editing PDF forms, Bates numbering, PDF annotation, selective conversion and much more.

What really sets Able2Extract Pro apart from the crowd is its custom PDF to Excel conversion feature. It allows users to manually adjust the column and row structure in their PDF files before conversion, as well as preview their output.

The main advantages of Able2Extract for users are: it is easy to use, fast, accurate and secure. It allows users to manipulate their PDF files from the safety of their desktop without sharing their data with third parties.


6,  PowerPDF Shade

Nuance Power PDF is a unique PDF converter as it has a dictation feature. This allows you to speak (or dictate) and the software will take notes or annotations accordingly and add them to your document.

Besides that, you also get access to all the basic features like PDF conversions, editing, creating, etc.

There is also a collaboration tool in case you are interested. And on top of all that, if you have a bit of JavaScript know-how, then you can create and add interactive forms.

Other awesome features of the app would include options to add media files to your documents with just the click of a button. The software can also help optimize documents for viewing on mobile.


7,  Foxit Ghost PDF

Another well-known brand in the context of PDFs is Foxit. The PhantomPDF is one of their most popular products which offers stability, user-friendliness and a wide range of features.

The app offers pretty much all the features you would expect from PDF converters including the ability to create, convert, merge in addition to document editing.

There are features that allow collaboration between multiple users. OCR functionality is also added to the mix.

Another key selling point for PhantomPDF would be its full cloud integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and others. It is also compatible with ConnectedPDF and SharePoint.


8,  iSkysoft PDF Converter Pro

Now here comes another popular PDF converter known for its versatility. iSkysoft PDF Converter is capable of converting your PDF files to a multitude of different file types, including EPUB - little supported by other tools.

Other impressive features of the software would be its support for over 17 OCR languages which increases its use case to a whole new level.

However, there is one downside with the app and that is that it does not allow users to embed media content in the files.

Overall, the software is a great tool for anyone or any organization that maintains an international business.


9, Nitro Pro 11

The latest PDF Converter app from goNitro - Nitro Pro 11, comes with the motto "Smarter, Faster". The app also lives up to these words as performance and speed are its strengths.

Along with providing you with an optimized software core, you also get a clean and friendly user interface. This helps you quickly learn how to use all its different features, which further improves your speed and efficiency in managing tasks.

In terms of features; The app offers highly accurate OCR along with all the basic tools needed such as different file types conversion, PDF editing, authoring, and even collaboration feature.

The software is also available in different packages, for individuals and companies.


10, PDF Architect

If what you're looking for is a lot of customization, then PDF Architect steals the show. The application has a modular design.

This allows you to select the function you need to create your own custom PDF solution. However, there are also ready-to-use packages, in case you want to save time.

Since the software has many different modules, it goes without saying that it offers a multitude of features at your disposal.

From PDF conversion to PDF creation and everything in between, PDF Architect has you covered.

Now, if you have time to choose thefeature you absolutely need and leaving aside other features, you can basically get the software at a great price compared to other offers.


11, Small PDF

SmallPDF is a user-oriented PDF tool that offers an excellent user interface for performing PDF conversion tasks. The app also has a free web alternative that mirrors many of the features you'll get with the downloaded software.

From now on, SmallPDF is available in a paid and free version. With the free version, options are limited to merging, splitting, rotating, and compressing PDF files.

Since this is mostly all the functionality needed in a typical use case, the free version will be more than enough.

With the paid version, you get additional security-based features and better workflow management. This is more targeted towards business users.


12,  PDFSam

The 'SAM' in PDFSam stands for 'split and merge', and the software handles both of these features like a charm.

It is an open-source, lightweight and cross-platform application that can help you tweak your PDF files. The only requirement is that Java is installed on your system.

Now coming to its functionality side, the app offers options like rotating and reordering documents, converting PDF to any document type, OCR options, and much more.

For a free solution, you get many useful features with the tool.


13, Sejda

And for the last entry on our list, we have Sejda – an online PDF converter site. You can use the application through your browser, and there is no need to download excessive software on your system.

You can drag and drop documents into the interface and start PDF conversions, merge, split, rotate and more. Plus, being an online PDF converter, it also offers easy cloud integrations.


Last word

Here is our list of the best PDF converters that you can use to convert any document to PDF. This can be a very handy list if you need to send official documents to your clients or send PDF invoices to receive money.

I hope this list helps you. If you have any questions regarding this list of best PDF converters, you can use the comment section to write.

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