16 Best Mobile Apps to Grow Your Business

Looking for the best mobile apps to meet your business needs?

According to the report, more than 5 billion people use mobile internet. More than 60% of the world's population uses mobile to connect.

Mobile apps for business allow an entity to continually progress and scale a business. In this article, we will recommend you some applications that we believe are suitable for a business.


15 Recommended Mobile Apps for Business

01. monday.com

monday.com is a modern project management solution that you can use on desktop or mobile devices to run your business from anywhere via any device.

It comes with all the features and options to manage almost every aspect of your business. You can collaborate with your team from anywhere, conduct your meetings, chat, share files, manage all tasks, create a to-do list, assign work to your team, track project progress and much more .

It's your one-stop solution for running your business, and you can get started for free.


02. Click Up

ClickUp is another very popular project and task management solution that includes team collaboration and workflow automation options to manage your management process much easier.

ClickUp can replace multiple apps you might need on a regular basis to manage different tasks for your business with a single dashboard, making your team more productive.

You can read more about the app in this ClickUp review here.


03. Evernote

When you run a business, you have an endless list of things to take care of. Evernote helps you remember everything in time.

It puts all your notes, tasks, and to-do lists in one convenient place. The best thing about using this app is that its desktop version syncs perfectly with the mobile app.

So, if you have entered your notes, photos and recordings on your desktop, you can share them all through the application.

You can also share Evernote content with others.


04. Asanas

This is again a great app because tasks can be assigned to different users working in different locations while keeping everything in one place.

It facilitates communication and collaboration between colleagues - a must for the growth of any business.

You can create projects, assign tasks to specific team members, and track project implementation.

Having used Asana, it's safe to say that the work dashboard is a bit cluttered with miscellaneous items but once you get used to it, it's easier to understand.


06. Settling accounts

Square Up is also good for any retailer that doesn't want to deal with pesky credit card processor payments.

Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can use this app to accept credit card payment using its plugin processor.

It's a one-stop solution that supports sales reporting, digital receipts, and inventory, and provides valuable analytics and feedback.

It is free to download and serves all kinds of businesses.


07. Expensify

Expensify helps you or your employees stay organized when it comes to travel expenses. It lets you track expenses, take photos of receipts, and create and submit expense reports on the go.


08.Google Drive

The benefits of Google Drive will drive you crazy. It allows accessing computer files and folders from anywhere and sharing them with your peers located in completely different geographical areas.

So, for anyone with multiple offices or with a team working in different geographies, this free app makes life so much easier as people can work on a project from different locations simultaneously.

Dropbox also offers similar benefits.


09. HootSuite

Social media is an integral part of online marketing. This app is essential as it runs analytics using which you can track your social media content and plan your social media posting duringyour travels via a smartphone.

It is one of the oldest social media marketing tools on the internet. Although there are other tools as well, Buffer App is a close competitor to Hoot Suite.


10. robin

Robin is your personal assistant, essential for your busy schedule. It helps you email clients and colleagues or send hands-free messages because it recognizes your voice.

You can simply dictate on the go. It also helps you with things like traffic updates and parking tips.

This is the "Siri Challenger".


11 xero

Keeping an eye on your accounts is extremely crucial. The Xero app helps you go online anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC, tablet, or phone and view up-to-date financial data. You can track paid and unpaid invoices, taxes, salaries, and other accounting items.

It is a small business accounting software, which is not only smart and simple, but also very convenient. Besides Xero, we also recommend the Quick Books accounting software.


12. Trendy Cat

Communication is the key to any business. This application helps you stay in constant contact with your team and communicate effectively with them.

You can video chat with a group of team members, share screens, share files, and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

It is designed for teams and businesses.


13. Doodle

As a business person, you always have to schedule your appointments with others, and often you have to find the right meeting date and time that suits everyone. Doodle will help you sort that out.

Doodle syncs with your Google Calendar and there is no possibility of conflicting reservations. It's a seamless business app that smartly syncs with your daily schedules.


13. Cam Scanner

What if there is an app that can scan the documents and instantly email them to the required person? Cam Scanner does just that, saving you time to review other important aspects of your business

Install it on your smartphone or tablet, place the document on a flat surface, use Cam Scanner to scan it, create a file and email it to anyone directly from the app.

There is both a paid version and a free version.


14. Photo Rocket

You have an online presence where you upload images of your wares. Foto Fuze helps enhance these images and their backgrounds making them very presentable.

This is a recommended tool for e-commerce retailers. It gives your photos a professional background in seconds!

Use Foto Fuze edited photos on your e-commerce platform and see improved CTR.


15. Base Camp 3

Basecamp is one of the oldest project management software. It's a private and secure online space to start large-scale projects.


16. Shop Saw

If you have listed your product online on multiple platforms, Shop Seen provides a central location to add and update all of your product listings.

For example, it will regulate and update the product listings you have placed on platforms like Woo Commerce, Shopify, and eBay without causing any systematic issues.

Products receive SKUs. It also works with Stripe to create buy buttons on social apps. Sell on Instagram, plan social shopping links and ship orders from one interface to anywhere in the world using their partnerships with shipping labels - UPS, USPS and FedEx.



We keep hearing the phrase "there's an app for that!" which actually spells out the important role mobile apps play in keeping customers connected to the business, helping businesses stay organized and get things done very efficiently.

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