The 12 best intervention and maintenance software

Are you looking for industrial maintenance and intervention management software? It is important to choose the right tool since this type of solution can greatly simplify the daily management of your business while reducing the risk of human error. At the same time, you improve your customer satisfaction and your productivity. Can we find a free intervention management software? What are the benefits of this tool? Discover our list of 12 best intervention and maintenance software to find the one that suits you!


What is intervention and maintenance software used for?


Field Service Management software is an IT tool that manages the right resources to perform specific tasks and communicate with employees in the field.

On smartphone or field, you can manage workers, optimize intervention schedules or even generate intervention reports more easily to improve inventory management, purchases, customer requests and delivery notices (among others).

This type of tool is aimed at companies in multiple sectors of activity: construction, cleaning and maintenance, energy, telecommunications, etc. It often connects to other solutions such as personnel allocation software, mission and maintenance orders.


Features of intervention and maintenance software

Intervention and maintenance management software aims to improve the quality of communications between dispatch personnel and employees who are offsite. Thus, workers in the field can obtain all the information necessary to perform their tasks. The main functionalities allow to:

  • assign or assign tasks to employees in the field;
  • real-time location tracking;
  • carry out mission orders more efficiently with optimized action plans;
  • provide an adapted intervention schedule with tailor-made rules for the assignment of missions;
  • manage and develop an up-to-date and accessible database at all times;
  • monitor and study the history of interventions and maintenance.



Shorter response times, better quality of service, customer satisfaction: the advantages of intervention management software are numerous! Key benefits for businesses of all sizes include:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency: better communication and coordination can boost the efficiency of both field workers and office workers, in particular through improved access to information and better distribution of tasks to avoid errors or delays.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: You respond faster to customer issues, with faster repairs and a tailored experience to build long-term loyalty.
  • Real-time access to data: Accessing information instantly facilitates business operations, with real-time location tracking.
  • Task automation: say goodbye to time-consuming and repetitive processes with software solutions that automate and digitize management and intervention processes.
  • Better Prioritization: Finally prioritize the right issues at the right time to become more efficient.


Top 12 of the best intervention and maintenance software

After this little theoretical parenthesis, let's go for our selection of the 12 best intervention and maintenance software on the market!


1. Bob Desk

Bob Desk is an intervention and maintenance management software for retail and real estate professionals or for technical companies. It can be suitable for the uses of both principals and technical service providers. This maintenance management software offers 7/7 assistance.

It is a SaaS solution adapted to several sectors of activity, which can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone. It is possible to request tailor-made APIs to connect the tool to other software. Management of equipment and technician interventions, planning, invoicing, inventory and purchasing management, budget management, maintenance reports… You can discover all its features with a free demo.


2. Synchroteam

Another powerful intervention monitoring software: Synchroteam. This solution is suitable for all sectors of activity (medical, agricultural, service provision, etc.). With this tool you can improve yourorganization and better communicate with stakeholders for optimal field/office coordination.

Synchroteam offers the advantage of being suitable for all companies, with very easy configuration. The software also has PCI-DSS and GDPR certifications, a guarantee of seriousness and quality. Thanks to its functionalities for monitoring interventions and managing performance, you will be able to improve your profitability.


3. Nexxio

Nexxio specializes in maintenance and servicing work. It comes in the form of a mobile application with an intuitive interface. With this maintenance software, you can easily connect lessors and service providers to optimize the lifecycle management of maintenance service orders, from A to Z.

Intervention planning and reports, invoicing, site monitoring… You can even take advantage of a module specially designed for laboratory maintenance management! Enjoy a free trial to test all the features of this software.


4. Praxedo

Praxedo field service management software is a cloud-based field service management solution. It consists of an Internet interface for office use and a mobile application for field use. And the good news is that their multi-OS mobile application works both online and offline.

This 100% configurable tool is intended for all service companies that work with mobile technicians. A team is available to answer all your questions regarding the implementation of the tool or solve problems in real time. Praxedo is ISO 27001 and GDPR certified.


5. Twimm

Twimm is a CMMS software, that is to say a Computer Aided Maintenance Management software. But even if it specializes in maintenance operations, this SaaS tool can be adapted to broader uses. For example, it offers features related to invoicing, inventory management and priorities, or employee management.

This complete tool is GDPR certified and offers a cutting-edge solution thanks to real expertise in the maintenance professions. Take advantage of personalized support to configure the interfaces of this maintenance software, with dedicated training.


6. Solitech

Solitech is a very agile intervention management software, particularly suitable for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Planning of interventions, monitoring of customer relations, creation of modifiable and adaptable reports, monitoring of human resources: it is a complete, simple and effective management tool.

You benefit from instant feedback with a customizable dashboard, and the processes can be adapted to the real needs of your business and your teams. The tool also allows you to request video or photo evidence, manage leave requests or view attachments offline.


7. Organology

Organilog is a French intervention management software. This comprehensive tool can be used on mobile as well as on computer, and allows a global management of its professional activities. You can test the solution for free for 7 days with support to master the use of the tool.

This intervention planning software is suitable for many sectors of activity, regardless of the size of the company (RPE, SME, large groups). All data is hosted in France for more security, and the mobile application allows it to be used in the field. GDPR certified, it is a growing tool that is fully customizable to suit your real needs.


8. Ermeo

Another technical intervention management software: Ermeo. This tool makes it possible to standardize operational processes to simplify them on a daily basis and relieve employees of many low value-added, unnecessary and/or time-consuming tasks.

Intervention report, acceptance report, site monitoring, audit, equipment management: this solution, both web and mobile, facilitates the work of technicians in the field who can concentrate on their core business without worrying about the operational. This solution is available in French and English, with ergonomic dashboards.


9. Kizeo Forms

Kizeo Form is in charge of digitizing everything related to the management of interventions, whether processes or documents. This software is mainly intended for the creation of forms to easily transmit information to teams and/or customers in a few clicks.

In addition to this, the tool offers features for inventory and contact management, generation of quotes and contracts or even intervention sheets, etc. This intervention management software is 100% customizable with more than 25 fields. Very easy to use and adaptable to all sectors of activity, it benefits from GDPR certification.


10. Yuman

Yuman is a CMMS software based on the latest cloud and mobile technologies. Gains in productivity, efficiency and quality of service are key with this maintenance and intervention software. This software package is particularly suitable for companies in the tertiary and service sectors, VSE / SME companies and the Direction & Management professions.

Available in SAAS mode, Yuman automates many tasks related to maintenance, monitoring of interventions, invoicing or even team management.


11. AntsRoute

AntsRoute is an intervention management software that supports all mobile team managers. It aims to improve the organization of technician rounds in the field, whether for building maintenance or industrial maintenance.

Scheduling of appointments, programming of interventions, management of electronic signatures, dematerialization of roadmaps and intervention reports, KPI analysis, invoicing... You can request a demo and take advantage of a free trial of the tool on request . AntsRoute also supports companies in their CSR policy for more sustainable logistics.


12. Daxium Intervention

Finally, we have the Daxium intervention and maintenance management software. This is aimed at maintenance technicians, auditors, site managers and quality controllers. This tool makes it possible to better manage field activities, with optimized task planning, structured data collection and the production of intervention reports for aircraft maintenance and other missions.

On smartphone or tablet, this application adapts to business needs for better management of your activities. With this collaborative platform, you can also request à la carte services to personalize the tool as much as possible.

You now have a complete list of 12 solutions to make your choice and find the intervention and troubleshooting management software adapted to your needs. As you can see, it is quite complicated to find free building maintenance software. However, most tools offer free demos and trials so you can test it out before you commit.

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