The 9 Best Inventory Management Software in 2023

Are you looking for the best construction inventory management software? Indeed, in the context of your activity in the construction industry, it is very important to optimize the management of your equipment and your supplies to ensure the smooth running of your construction sites. In this article, we share with you a list of the 9 best inventory management software in this year 2023, with the advantages and disadvantages of each tool so that you can find the one that best suits your needs!


Why use inventory management software?

Features of inventory management software

What is Inventory Management Software? It is simply a computer tool that allows you to record and list all the annual entries and exits of goods. The software takes into account all stock movements, whether sales, deliveries or returns.

Thanks to this tool, professionals benefit from better management of their various stocks and supplies of equipment. They thus have better control of their costs and cash flow, and, as a result of the rebound effect, an increase in customer satisfaction.

As for what stock management software is used for, there are many functionalities: creation of delivery notes, movement or sale of goods, issuance of inventory sheets, computerization and complete digitization of stocks, control of incoming and outgoing goods , etc.


The benefits of inventory management software

Managing your stocks using a software management solution has many advantages, of which the following is a non-exhaustive list:

  • better inventory management to avoid shortages or overstocks;
  • automated and relevant anticipation of orders;
  • better cost optimization;
  • increased control over lead times;
  • possibility of organizing relevant promotions in relation to your stocks;
  • easy monitoring of all your stocks in real time for precise planning;
  • alert and threshold options for placing automatic orders with suppliers;
  • reduced risk of human error;
  • better customer satisfaction thanks to adapted and precise services.


Ranking of the 9 best inventory management software in 2023

So let's go for this top 9 of the best inventory management software currently available on the market!



Our first stock management software is that of Exact – Négoce et Distribution. Exact ERP is intended for both small beginner traders and international distributors with several warehouses.

It is 100% cloud software: it is used directly via a secure web platform that can be used on PC, tablet or mobile. It allows you to view all stocks and order levels in real time. This online software also has ISAE 3402 certification guaranteeing the reliability of the device.

The automation of the tool covers the financial, logistical and administrative aspects of stock management. Through its reporting and alerting functionalities and its customizable dashboard, it is possible to quickly anticipate the needs of the production chain.

Exact inventory management software offers a 30-day free trial, followed by monthly subscription pricing ranging from €98 to €224 excluding tax per month depending on the level of functionality chosen.



OpenConcerto is a free inventory management software. It is a unique and free open source solution that offers a complete level of customization thanks to the addition of multiple functionalities, in particular the “Stocks”, “Orders” and “Purchases” modules.

This single-user and multi-user software package is particularly suitable for VSEs and SMEs. For larger companies, a cloud solution at €55 per month (for 5 users) exists. The use and interface are deliberately very simple and include a barcode reading option.

The main advantage of OpenConcerto is also its disadvantage: you can modulate it for free, provided you have the necessary technical skills. Otherwise, it will be necessary to call on their technical team thanks to paid tokens.

The financial appeal of this free inventory management software therefore depends on the technical manpower you have in-house.



Our next stock and inventory management software is Erplain. This online tool automates commercial management and purchasing management actions (creation of various invoices and quotes) while updating stocks in real time. innovative andintuitive, this software is aimed more at VSEs.

The software also benefits from GDPR certification to guarantee its responsibility for your data. The price of the subscription varies from 25 to 89 € HT monthly, with a free trial period of 14 days. This software is ideal for small businesses that want to modernize their inventory management with simple and effective features.

However, it will less meet the needs of companies looking for a complex, customizable and feature-driven software package.


Dolisim by Simafri

Dolisim is a simple and intuitive stock management software. 100% cloud, it is a versatile tool thanks to its options for controlling barcodes and expiry dates, its supplier and customer relationship management features, its stock valuation (PMP), but also its automated orders .

The purchase of this software offers access to many secondary services, such as a technical service, an antivirus or even a dedicated customer support. The particularity of Dolisim lies in the fact that it belongs to the customers.

It is an open source inventory management software that also works by monthly subscription, but you have the possibility to recover your data and the software after the subscription has ended.

Rates vary from €9 to €199 per month, with an additional notion of ownership at the end of the subscription and indefinite access to data and files, stored securely.



Then, Dolibarr is a stock management software that is aimed at associations, the self-employed and VSEs/SMEs.

This free and free open source Dolibarr ERP & CRM tool allows complete control of your activity in order to control invoicing, stocks, inventory, project management, sales, etc.

It allows you to manage physical and virtual stocks by avoiding double entries thanks to a fast and customizable configuration available on all platforms and infrastructures.

It is therefore a free and simple stock management software, which however offers paid modules to provide access to additional features. Although it may be less intuitive and powerful than other software packages, it is still very interesting and flexible.



Stocknet inventory management software is ideal for large groups. This ERP specialized in stocks is effective for large structures thanks to its functionalities of stock valuation, input and output control with packaging and shipping methods, reporting, etc.

The access and permissions control system is perfectly adapted to multi-user use. It is a SAAS software available online and therefore has the advantage of not requiring installation. However, this comes with the constraint of a mandatory internet connection.

Pricing is tailor-made, with a starting price of €65 for smaller businesses. It is possible to test the software for free before committing for the long term.



Our next software is from Openflex. Their Purchasing and Stock module is an ERP dedicated to stock management. It is an intuitive and simple cloud interface software package (ISO 27001 certified), to access the classic and expected functionalities.

In addition to this, this inventory management software allows you to export data and statistical analyzes in order to analyze and anticipate the needs of your business. It is also possible to create alerts and configure automated supply orders. The advantage of this tool lies in its tutorial videos available to help customers get started with the software.

There is also a mobile application on Android to use the software from a smartphone. The module can be purchased at a price of €89.99 excluding tax, with the updates offered. However, Openflex requires a good internet connection to be used. Also, it may require the purchase of additional modules to access more advanced features.



Are you looking for mobile inventory management software? Monstock is an Android smartphone application (soon available on the App Store) that offers you complete mobility with real-time inventory management. Intended for all companies, it is a simple and innovative concept.

You can manage your stock of supplies, but also your inventory of construction equipment or the control of your warehouses. Monstock is divided into 3 different modules:

  • Mobile to replace the scanner and export the data;
  • Google Sheets to work in real time with several people on files;
  • Cloud + mobile which corresponds to the most complete version with the most features.

Affordable, the latter option is available for €14.99 per month. Personalized training is also offered to support customers in getting started with the tool.



Our latest cash register and inventory management software is Inventoria by NCH Software. It is a licensed software package that can be purchased and downloaded online.

Its inventory management solution is broken down into 4 major functionalities: orders and receipts, inventory reports, item control and users/sites. Thanks to its intuitive interface, it is a reliable and easy-to-use tool.

Available on Windows and Mac OS X, it costs $159 or around €131. It is possible to combine your purchase with additional external modules: Express Accounts and Express Invoice for revenue and invoice management, or even FlexiServer for personnel management.

This makes it possible to have a rich and complete service offer in addition to the management of goods.

There are therefore multiple inventory management software to adapt to the needs of different companies: online or downloadable, open source, cloud, free or paid, etc. It's up to you to choose according to the level of complexity of the necessary functionalities and the expected mode of use. There is therefore no better inventory management software, strictly speaking. Take advantage of the free trial periods to test the different tools and find the one that suits you best!

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