Top 10 of the best CRM software: Complete comparison

CRM software or customer relationship management are tools that have become essential for all companies wishing to improve their profitability. These are solutions aimed at helping salespeople interact more easily with their customers and prospects by centralizing data concerning them in order to get to know them better and anticipate their needs more clearly. To help you find your way around among all the CRM solutions on the market, we invite you to discover our selection of the best software.


What is CRM Software?

For starters, a CRM isn't just about contacting people who may be potential leads. Rather, it is about fostering these interactions and developing lasting partnerships. Good CRM software allows you to develop a flow of customer contact and history information that you can access when needed. Plus, you can share this information with other members of your team to facilitate collaboration. Finally, a CRM must offer essential integrations with other third-party tools, in order to guarantee the fluidity of workflows.


The advantages that a powerful CRM must offer

CRMs are designed keeping in mind the different requirements of the target audience. It is therefore obvious that not all solutions will meet the needs of your business. This is why it is essential to compare CRM features before making a final decision. A good CRM should help:

  • Manage and organize customer data
  • Facilitate the search for data and allow marketing and sales departments to stay on the same page
  • Track contacts and leads in the sales funnel
  • Sell more services and products
  • Automate communication with customers
  • Integrate functions into a single platform


Ranking of the 20 best CRM software

1. Monday sales CRM

Overview: monday sales CRM is an all-in-one platform for customer relationship management and sales processes. The tool has a hyper-customizable interface to manage your pipelines and centralize communication with customers. Whether for large companies or VSEs, its CRM offer is suitable for everyone thanks to a flexible pricing system.

Features: For starters, is extremely easy to set up and learn, and it has a wonderfully intuitive visual interface. It has all the features you would expect from a good CRM, but if you need additional features, has a lot to offer.

Customizable permissions can be applied so you can control exactly who has access to what.'s CRM is also GDPR compliant.

Price: monday sales CRM has a free version intended for small entities (up to 2 users only). Paid plans are also available for those looking for more features. There are 4 price plans: the Basic formula from €10/user/month, the Standard formula from €14/user/month, the Pro formula from €24/user/month and the Enterprise offer ( quotation available on request).

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Benefits :

  • monday sales CRM has a great interface.
  • It allows collecting and evaluating leads from any source.
  • monday sales CRM empowers anyone to create time-saving automations to eliminate manual work and repetitive activities. Time-saving automations are extremely simple to develop and implement.
  • All five plans include 24/7 customer support.
  • Each plan contains an unlimited number of tables to organize projects, clients and processes.
  • Integration into the business plan is simplified.


  • There is a monthly limit to the number of tasks that can be automated.
  • monday sales CRM has so many possibilities that it sometimes takes time to exploit the full potential


2. Team leader

Presentation: Teamleader is a complete software combining CRM, invoicing and project management in a single tool. Teamleader brings together all the essential tools for an SME on a single platform. Teamleader empowers your team to collaborate, organize and grow your business.

Features: All information about your customers and contacts is centralized in one place thanks to the Teamleader Focus CRM. Addresses, appointments, previous communications, etc. It lets you track every sales lead, from preparing quotes to e-signing. Link your Gmail or Outlook account pto stay up to date and get to know your customers better.

By using custom fields, you can record additional information that is essential to your operation. Documents, photos and files can all be stored easily. In a shared calendar, you can keep track of your appointments, tasks and phone calls for yourself and your colleagues, including assignments, appointments and phone calls.

Price: For a quarterly subscription and a minimum of 2 users, the Teamleader software is available from €30 excl. VAT/user/month for the Go pack, while the Move pack is €35 excl. VAT/user/month and the Boost pack at €45 excl. VAT/user/month. To save more, it is better to switch to a 1 or even 2-year subscription contract. It also offers a free trial version.

Benefits :

  • Teamleader divides your sales plan into phases, allowing you to focus on each task while nurturing leads.
  • The platform's invoicing and time tracking are also solid.
  • The invoicing feature helps create invoices quickly, while the time tracker records the duration of an activity. The platform can thus regularly send invoices to customers, guaranteeing on-time delivery.


  • The pricing plan may seem a bit high compared to other software but Teamleader offers more features.
  • Free version limited to 14 days


3. Axonaut

Presentation: Axonaut is a French CRM that supports VSEs and SMEs in all stages of commercial processes. The tool includes a very complete CRM that meets the daily needs of entrepreneurs and saves time thanks to a multitude of features.

Features: Axonaut is a simple and effective CRM allowing you to manage and centralize all contacts in a single tool while keeping track of exchanges. To save time, Axonaut is connected to your email and your calendar. It also allows you to manage the sales teams directly to keep control over sales opportunities. A dashboard displays statistics on prospecting, sales opportunities and turnover. Much more than a CRM, Axonaut is also a software that can edit quotes and customizable invoices by integrating electronic signature and online payment. To learn more about Axonaut, read our review.

Price: To benefit from the advantages of Axonaut, the price of access to this CRM software is €49.99 excl. VAT/month (without commitment) for one user and €14.99 excl. VAT/month for each additional user. . However, for a one-year subscription contract, the monthly cost per user is reduced by 20% (i.e. €39.99 excluding VAT, payable in one go). For a period of 2 years, it is €34.99 excl. VAT/user/month.

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Benefits :

·      Excellent interface and user experience.

·      Axonaut has a support team to help you whenever you need help with the platform.

·      Axonaut offers 15 days of free trial! This formula is ideal for companies that want to test the platform before fully committing to a subscription.

·      Create quotes and invoices under your company name. The quote-to-invoice process only takes one click.


·      It will take some time before you can master all the functions of Axonaut.

·      There is no lifetime free version.


4. Pipedrive

Overview: Pipedrive is primarily aimed at sellers looking to improve their revenue. This is a complete and powerful solution, essential to effectively convert your prospects into customers.

Features: Pipedrive automatically generates sales reports that are easy to read. These are useful for you to better understand the functioning of your activities by offering you a comparative dashboard. This will allow you, among other things, to determine the reasons that explain why certain products are more sought after than others. You will also be able, thanks to this function, to know your position on the achievement of your annual or monthly objectives, according to your requests.

The tool also integrates sales forecasts. This feature allows you to choose the activities that are important to the success of your business. It will be useful for you to generate particularly effective forecasts.

This software allows you to acquire more leads. You will have more visibility in your activities thanks to the automation of certain recurring tasks. This solution offers you essential insights to optimize your sales.

Pipedrive offers you mobile access to all the features to boost your sales anywhere and anytime.

Price: Pipedrive does not have a free version, but rather offers you a free trial mode to test out its features. To benefit from the use of this CRM software, the monthly cost is €15, with subscription.

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Benefits :

  • Offers an easy-to-use interface and transaction-based workflow.
  • Good mobile apps and possability to synchronize calls and emails.
  • Helps small and medium businesses stay in control of their CRM process


  • There is no free forever plan
  • Most plans come with a limited number of custom fields and reports.
  • Only the Enterprise plan offers phone support.


5. Sellsy

Presentation: Intended mainly for small and medium-sized businesses, Sellsy offers good ergonomics to ensure your productivity. The management of your commercial activity is greatly facilitated by its pleasant interface and its particularly responsive navigation. In addition, the Sellsy teams remain at your disposal to assist you in the use of the software. This is to help you better understand and understand the needs of your potential customers.

Features: Sellsy provides many features to allow you to manage your contacts. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to identify all the opportunities to seize for the success of your activity. For this, the majority of functions are done using drag and drop. Of course, you can customize the software to make it easier to use. Note that all its features are accessible to you from a mobile application. This will be particularly useful for monitoring the progress of your e-commerce project in real time.

Sellsy offers tracking tools, essential for accurately analyzing the behavior of your visitors. This is an essential feature to convert your prospects into customers and therefore optimize your sales.

Associated with lead tracking, lead scoring allows you to measure the maturity of your prospects. How ? The software assigns them a score so that you can then choose the commercial action adapted to their behavior.

Price: Sellsy is accessible under commitment from one year, payable annually or monthly. It can be used by at least 2 users and offers 3 packages: the Essentials pack at €25/user/month, the Advanced pack at €40/user/month. Both offer a free trial version. There is also the Enterprise pack, the price of which is available on request.

Benefits :

  • A truly comprehensive solution that goes beyond customer relationship management
  • Sellsy allows you to quickly submit offers and respond to customers and prospects.
  • Accept electronic signatures and receive payment through your invoice. Certain and simplified follow-up of payments


  • Only provide “basic” Google integration (but no automatic synchronization). This feature only copies your contacts, copies your files from the drive, etc. Chances are the Google integration is only in beta mode.
  • Their mobile app does not work in offline mode.


6. Freshsales

Overview: Freshsales is a CRM software from Freshwork, founded in 2010 in California, that enables your sales reps and marketing managers to use an AI-based lead scoring system, integrated phone and email, activity capture and much more. Freshsales is great for helping your team find the best prospect, have a relevant conversation with the prospect, and better manage the sales pipeline by easily tracking your business progress, adding tasks, scheduling meetings, sending mails and making calls from the business card.

Features: Freshsales offers features like personalization, productivity, communication, collaboration, insights, automation, pipeline management, reporting, security, and mobile app features. Customization features can personalize your account to reflect your company's terminology. Apart from their personalization feature which allows you to personalize everything, they also offer productivity features which consist of real-time notifications, easy data import and access to relevant information in one place to boost the productivity of your crew. Their integrated email and phone, powered by Freshcaller, can help your team make a call with one click, automatically save calls to related folders, forward and also record calls. All the features included in a CRM platform are definitely worth trying!

Price: Freshsales is available in a free version, but for more functionality, it offers three types of paid plans: Growth (€15/user/month), Pro (€39/user/month) and Enterprise (€69/user/month). month).

Benefits :

  • Simple installation, excellent compatibility and integration with other applications and software.
  • User-friendly interface. It is easy to use and all the information is presented clearly, making it easy to understand at a glance.
  • Excellent pricing plan.


  • Some users have reported that customer service and support is a bitslow.
  • In a heavily populated database, the software loads slowly.


7. Crisp

Presentation: Crisp is both a Chatlive and a CRM whose goal is to offer a rich multi-channel experience and to have better control over your sales pipeline.

Features: The CRM offered by Crisp stands out from the lot of traditional CRM software by offering a tool that combines Livechat, automation and customer relationship management. Crisp allows you to create chatbots to initiate conversation automatically and assign conversations to improve the customer experience. This tool also allows you to manage and edit the information of your users as well as your leads. Indeed, Crisp centralizes and shares with your team conversations from chat or social networks but also other useful elements such as contact information. This starts a conversation with context and reinforces it with personalized data for each customer. If you want to deepen the experience of your customer relationship, Crisp is undoubtedly the CRM for you.

Price: The Crisp software has a free trial version, but limited in time as well as in features. To take advantage of its benefits, it offers a pricing plan ranging from €25/user/month for the Pro package to €95/user/month for the Enterprise package.

Benefits :

  • Easy to use and cheaper than competing chat options.
  • It includes customization possibilities and tools to anticipate and understand consumer needs. Good support and conversions.
  • Free version is available


  • Paid plans offer more customization options.
  • Chat widgets and mobile apps don't always load.


8. Zendesk CRM

Overviews: Zendesk is sales CRM software that aims to empower salespeople in any business. This integrated application streamlines day-to-day sales operations, measures conversions, improves performance visibility, and simplifies sales pipeline management, with the primary goal of closing the deal and delighting the customer.

Features: With Zendesk, a sales team can perform many tasks from a centralized platform with just a few clicks. In a single platform, sellers can host meetings, make calls, and track transaction history. Quick installation and implementation of the platform.

Integrated support per channel, which keeps teams on the same page. This can be done through instant messaging, email and even voice communication.

Zendesk makes it easy to create, customize, and use an unlimited number of knowledge bases. You can create them for specific departments, for your customer service agents, and even for your customers themselves.

A customer support system allows you to collect your customer feedback and manage it in one place.

Price: Zendesk is available from $19 for basic support only. For more features, it offers on the one hand “Editions for all” at the price of 49 €/agent/month (Suite Team), 79 €/agent/month (Suite Growth) and 99 €/agent/month (Suite professional). On the other hand, there are Editions intended for large companies: €150/agent/month for the Enterprise Suite and €215/agent/month for a tailor-made edition.

Benefits :

  • The Explorer feature includes useful reporting capabilities.
  • Zendesk's customer service software is seamlessly integrated.
  • It's simple to access the benefits of a quick start and building new teams.


  • It is quite expensive compared to other CRMs
  • Zendesk only offers a simple email layout and composition editor.


9. noCRM

Presentations: noCRM is an intuitive business management solution (in the cloud) focused on the business opportunity and the next action. It is designed for salespeople and more specifically for BtoB sales teams and SMEs who are looking for agile software compared to traditional CRM software.

Features: is a lead management software that allows salespeople to collaborate and increase their productivity. Salespeople create leads with just a few clicks via email, business card, form, spreadsheet import, and manage the entire sales cycle. Managers and salespeople can monitor the sales process and synchronize the calendar ensuring they never miss a sales opportunity. Instead of focusing on customer relationship management, noCRM focuses on converting leads across different channels. sales tapes.

Price: offers 3 types of packages to all its users, namely the Starter Kit at the price of 10 €/user/month (3 users maximum), the Sales Experts amounting to 18 €/user/month and the Dream Team at €26/user/month. These rates are billed annually. It also offers Premium online support from €1,200.

Benefits :

  • A simple platform to manage leads throughout the sales process.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • The platform is efficient and user-friendly for task management.
  • Excellent help desk and support


  • It is not yet equipped with the ability to set reminders for cold prospects to seek to reconnect.
  • A roundabout way to download contacts from a spreadsheet. Sometimes it took longer than necessary
  • Lack of data visualization and security layers.


10. Hubspot CRM

Overview: HubSpot CRM was developed for businesses that want to spend less time logging data. It allows you to quickly and automatically store all contact details in a centralized and customizable database. In short, this software aims to help you strengthen your customer relationships.

Features: The solution offers various advantages essential to the success of your commercial projects. Hubspot CRM allows you to have better visibility of your pipeline. Thanks to this solution, you can quickly and efficiently sort through your numerous transactions according to your requirements. Hubspot CRM offers you free chat tools to help you better interact with your customers. This platform also offers you the sending of your notifications in real time, allowing you to quickly implement the appropriate solutions.

Price: Hubspot CRM offers different formulas to its users, the price of which varies according to the number of users: the Starter offer available from €41 excl. VAT/month (for 2 users) or €207 excl. VAT/month (for 10 users), the Pro offer (5 users minimum) at the price of €414 excl. VAT/month (for 5 users) and €819 excl. VAT/month (for 10 users) as well as the Enterprise offer (10 users minimum) from 1 €104 excl. VAT/month (for 10 users) and €2,204 excl. VAT/month (for 20 users).

Benefits :

  • HubSpot CRM centralizes marketing, sales, and customer service data.
  • The HubSpot CRM App Marketplace includes integration partners.
  • HubSpot Academy is a knowledge base. It offers dozens of courses and certificates to teach and certify the use of the platform.


  • It could be expensive compared to other CRMs
  • It is difficult to modify the models.
  • No A/B testing is offered in the lowest price plan.


How to Choose the Right CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an essential tool for managing the relationship with a company's customers. Thus, it is important for an entrepreneur to choose the right product. The goal is for customers to be able to easily interact with company officials. There are a few criteria to consider when choosing the right CRM.



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