At ATC, production reoriented towards the hydroalcoholic solution

French leader in chemical specialties for the leather industry, ATC has been able to reorient its production in the face of the coronavirus epidemic. The company began to produce hydroalcoholic solution. Product oh so important in this time of health crisis.


An undeniable impact on a global business


Morgan Piguet is the Production Manager of ATC, a family business located in Montanay not far from Lyon: “We had a strong impact. In March, a slight drop but the months of April and May were complicated. »


The impact for ATC is quickly measurable, especially since the majority of its customers are outside French borders. “We work 95% for export and in 45 different countries. In the figures, this translates into a drop in activity of more than 50% compared to 2019.


Reorienting production: a useful and supportive solution

"With half the orders down", it was quickly necessary to consider solutions with a view to business continuity.


ATC was founded in 1973. The company has a long history in tanning and has recognized expertise in the control and use of chemicals. “From the end of March, we wanted to offer our production capacity for hydroalcoholic solution. A logical but also supportive proposal for those whose activity is considered essential.


“At the beginning, we offered the solution to hospitals, retirement homes, pharmacies in our sector… in the form of donations. A total of 2,000 liters (L) were distributed to these establishments. This campaign immediately had a boost effect, all the stronger because we were able to mobilize all our networks in record time. “It became known. We had requests and realized that there was a need. explains Morgan.


ATC quickly decided to start producing gel in large quantities. “All of our operators have started producing the solution. Today, we sell up to 50,000 L per week. »


Reorganize and adapt safely

To be able to produce hydroalcoholic solution, the company had to adapt its production line.


The company already had the installation for flammable products and the adequate network of suppliers for the raw materials. His biggest challenge was packaging the gel. “In principle, we are organized to make large containers. The smallest, from 30 L and mainly 120 L and up to 1000 L drums. Our maintenance manager quickly made modifications to drum 5 L and 10 L drums. Everything was integrated into Sage X3, we have created new references and integrated ranges, nomenclatures, etc. The migration of the Sage X3 client from v8 to v12 had just been completed.


With regard to employees, it was also necessary to adjust the organization in a particular context. “On the organization of work, we have made sure that there is no proximity between people. We have one office per person and everyone is responsible for keeping it clean. “Simple but effective hygiene measures have also been introduced: “rotations in the canteen, a maximum number of people per room not to be exceeded, hand washing, gel available or cleaning of contact surfaces and objects. »


First indications on the recovery

After a few weeks of deconfinement, the activity starts again cautiously. “On the activity, we felt a slight recovery after mid-May. We have a few more orders but it is still low. »


A recovery which according to Morgan Piguet will be “gradual” due to a deconfinement country by country. "We started to get some orders from Asia." First clues that can encourage optimism.

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