Boost the growth and facilitate the management of projects of an ESN with the business ERP

Every company needs tools and software such as an ERP and a CRM to manage its projects, but this is particularly the case for digital service companies (ESN).


Indeed, ERP software for ESN / SSII (computer services and engineering company) is essential whatever the project for its proper management.


From the management of the commercial phase to invoicing, ERP software facilitates the activity of an IT services company and accompanies it in its growth.


Thanks to an ERP solution dedicated to your company, boost your sales, improve your processes, reduce your costs and your implementation times, improve the satisfaction of your customers as well as the relationship with them and facilitate your internal and external communication.


In this article you will see:


  • What is an ESN, what are its needs?
  • Why an ERP for an ESN?
  • Business ERP, the best choice for an ESN


What is an ESN, what are its needs?

The objective of an ESN, or digital services company, is to offer and deliver IT solutions to its customers. It works exclusively in B2B by providing its clients with expert consultants in digital solutions. This can range from consulting to maintenance, including training, development or even design.


To give you a concrete example, Flow Line is an ESN.


The needs of a society like this are:


  • Consultant management
  • Planning your projects
  • Billing management
  • Real-time monitoring of the profitability of its activity
  • Simple reporting


Why an ERP for an ESN?


For real-time production management

ERP has many advantages. For example, it allows you to monitor your production in real time and therefore adjust your processes. In addition, this will allow you to anticipate any unforeseen events or blocking points to avoid delays. Managing your projects is child's play with this kind of tool, everything is simplified to help you improve your performance and ensure a good relationship with your customers.


For the planning and management of your human and material resources

The main strength of your company is your employees. Without them, your business cannot function. So you have to pamper them!


The ERP allows you to manage your teams of the different departments and to facilitate their daily life.


Concretely, you have a global vision on:


  • Leaves and absences
  • Actual and planned activities
  • The availability of your employees
  • Employee files

All the information and data necessary for proper internal and external organization are managed by your ERP solution.


The advice we can give you is to complete your ERP solution with a CRM. The latter will facilitate the exchange of data and communication between the various services.


This is a real asset for the majority of companies.

For the production of clear and reliable reporting

ERP allows you to:


Produce clear and personalized reports

  • Have access to your statistics by salesperson and/or by project
  • Create automatic reports
  • Create dashboards of performance indicators
  • Calculate your margins

In short, you have a global and real-time view of your activity thanks to clear and precise data.

For the management of your finance and accounting

The financial and accounting management of your business is important for its growth. ERP is the essential tool for managing them on a daily basis and avoiding discrepancies.


The functionalities of your ERP allow you to revive unpaid invoices, generate invoices automatically, have a view of your margins and your forecasts as well as a whole host of other indicators and data allowing you to manage your finances and anticipate the long term.


Business ERP, the best choice for an ESN


An essential tool for human resources management

The business ERP, which is a tool adapted to your activity and therefore to your needs, will be a real ally for the management of your employees, in particular consultants.


Management software such as a specialized ERP will allow you to:


  • Consult the schedules of your teams
  • Have access to their vacation dates
  • Create employee files and give them access to the necessary software
  • Prepare for annual interviews
  • Manage their training plans

All the human criteria necessary for the proper functioning of your company and your projects will be managed via the ERP and will allow you to have a 360° view of your activity.


This will allow you to anticipate any unforeseen events and avoid delays or any other problem affecting your business.

An essential assistant for project management you

Digital Services Companies are known for project management. To optimize the completion times of the latter, their success rate and customer satisfaction, it is essential for this type of company to use an ERP solution dedicated to their structure.


Specialized software will allow you to:


  • Assign teams to different projects and tasks
  • Monitor the progress of projects in real time
  • Adapt the tasks according to the progress of the project and the needs expressed
  • Manage access rights to the various reports and tools
  • Have real-time access to the profitability of the actions taken

Thanks to its functionalities, the business ERP will allow you to manage your project and adapt it thanks to the real-time vision of its progress. What reassure your customer, make you more efficient, optimize your time and increase your turnover in the long term.

Business ERP is a major ally for commercial management

Thanks to its various functionalities, it will accompany you in:


  • Prospecting
  • The detection of needs
  • Contract management
  • Technical assistance
  • Maintenance contracts

You can easily increase your turnover with ERP software dedicated to ESN / SSII.

The business ERP facilitates your financial and accounting management

Your ERP solution, designed for ESN (or SSII) activities, will allow you to manage all your accounting and finances without the slightest difficulty, precisely and quickly.


ERP will allow you to:


  • Calculate your accounting provisions
  • Issue your invoices
  • To have a view of billable productions
  • To have a view of future deadlines
  • Quickly identify ungenerated or unpaid invoices

Enough to make the accounting department more efficient while avoiding unpaid bills.

To conclude, an ERP management tool is essential for SSIIs. If you want to go further, you can also complete it with a CRM to manage your customer part.


This allows them to manage all of their projects, their teams and have a 360° view of their accounts.


All companies wishing to evolve and boost their turnover must include an ERP in their processes (and it's even better if it is supplemented by a CRM 😉).

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