Migration Sage X3 v12: The version that is good for you!

A publisher like Sage must develop its solutions and regularly provide new features for its customers. Today, version 12 (v12) of Sage X3 is a clear departure from previous versions.


ERP Sage X3 is the type of product with a story. A story punctuated by version upgrades, technological and functional developments up to this v12 which have enabled the publisher to enhance its solution.


If you are a Sage customer with an earlier version, you will quickly understand the added value of this latest upgrade. If this is not yet the case, this article will allow you to discover the vision and operation of the publisher vis-à-vis the unique ERP of its product catalog.


Here are the different points of v12 that will be covered in this article:


  • Sage X3, an ERP in the era of time
  • 6 good reasons to migrate to Sage X3 v12
  • Upgrade your ERP to avoid risks

Sage X3, an ERP in the era of time

On this website, because of our status as a Sage integrator partner, we regularly tell you about the changes made by the publisher to its ERP X3 solution.


From a “simple” management tool, Sage X3 now serves as the backbone of equipped companies. An entry point to their digital transformation that has become essential for the management of their activity.


Versioning and continuous functional enrichment

As an X3 user, you must have already heard of v12 and/or attended a demo, the final announced version launched a little over 2 years ago.


This v12 is therefore the last of the major versions offered by Sage for its ERP. In the history of this software, each major release has been an opportunity to add new features to companies that decided to migrate.


For example, Sage X3 v6 marked the coup on the management of multi-legislation and multi-plan accounts, enrichments that have seduced companies with an international activity or wishing to launch.


Versions 7, 8 and 9 have given pride of place to document storage, cash flow forecasts, EDI and even version and BOM management. Finally, v11 has reinforced the functional coverage of the ERP in terms of planning, workshop monitoring and offering industrial business management worthy of the name.


Sage X3 v12: the version that marks a technological turning point

From a solution only available in on-premise mode, the ERP Sage X3 becomes accessible in cloud mode. This means that from an update policy by version, Sage is moving to automatic changes by release on a quarterly basis.


If you are equipped with Sage X3 in v5, v6, v7, v8, v9 or v11, then the potential migration to v12 will be the last in this format. You will thus be guaranteed to be always up to date with the latest innovations and regulations.


The idea of this change is to be able to offer its customers or future customers an ERP combining all of Sage's know-how in business management with the power of the cloud. Technological added value promoting, among other things, aspects of mobility, agility and data security. With these notions, we find ourselves fully in the digital transformation.


In addition to this technological leap forward, Sage X3 v12 offers a much more complete user experience and does not forget to bring its usual batch of new features. Here are a few :


  • ADC mobile terminals
  • Management of tax models
  • Management of logistics units
  • Management of non-conformities
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Case management: progress invoicing, schedule, time tracking, etc.
  • Etc.

As the English publisher says very well, the ERP of yesterday is no longer the same as the ERP of today. Over time and version upgrades, the least we can say is that Sage has not skimped on its efforts to functionally enrich its solution and make it evolve technologically.


ATP: The tool in v12 to simplify upgrades

With the arrival of v12 and quarterly releases, Sage has developed a tool to facilitate updates or implementations of new features in ERP X3.


Named ATP for "Automated Test Platform" (not to be confused with the ATP module for the calculation of the available to date), this tool makes it possible to automate non-regression tests whatever the deployment scenario envisaged.


Being scalable and modular, this intelligent automated testing platform offers many advantages:


  • Fast and reliable upgrades
  • Optimization and efficiency of quality processes
  • Time saving
  • Added confidence and security in customization and modifications thanks to regression testing

6 good reasons to migrate to Sage X3 v12

When we question Like our Sage X3 Product Manager internally, he describes Sage X3 v12 as an “all-in-one all-in-one ERP”. To tell the truth, we had no doubts about his reaction but that also sums up what we described to you previously 😊.


If we now ask Sage customers the question why they are migrating to v12, they instinctively answer us "financial and/or accounting regulations", "to adapt to the reality of companies", "to 'adapt to big data', 'for more digital' and 'more reporting'.


In addition to the significant technological evolution but also to be a little more factual, here are 6 other good reasons for a company equipped with Sage X3 with an earlier version to migrate to v12:


An ever more personalized solution for your business

Reason 1: It natively includes features that meet the needs of distribution, service and many other sectors. On this point, contact your integrator for an overview of the complementarity with their verticals and add-on businesses.


An extended vision of ERP

Reason 2: It integrates modern and flexible APIs facilitating the integration of complementary solutions when the need arises. Knowing that APIs are now a major differentiating criterion in the choice of an ERP, you can now imagine your ERP as an extended system with specific cutting-edge solutions.


A single tool for all your companies and subsidiaries

Reason #3: A single instance of the X3 solution is enough to simplify management across multiple locations, companies/business entities, subsidiaries, and countries. This guarantee of evolution and adjustment to the regulations of the countries of Sage X3 where the company is present constitutes a real strength for the management of an international activity.


A global ERP for end-to-end management

Reason n°4: From purchases to inventory management, including production, sales, service and accounting and financial management, choose, à la carte, the services to optimize the overall management of your business, including globally.


Analysis, reporting and management

Reason n°5: The control of your processes is reinforced thanks to the analysis and management functions, and to the updating of the information maximized via web and mobile access. The SEI decision-making module can also be added to facilitate your decision-making.


Simple appropriation for employees

Reason 6: Based on modern and secure web and mobile technology, Sage X3 v12 offers a more efficient and personalized user experience.


Upgrade your ERP to avoid risks

For companies with an old Sage version or another aging ERP system, this obsolescence of their equipment can have negative and direct impacts on the overall performance of the organization (loss of time, technical obstacles, regulatory compliance, gaps visibilities indicators etc.).


You could also lack responsiveness in the face of competitors who are not waiting for anyone or in the face of market developments or other unforeseen events.


Choosing Sage X3 v12, a modern ERP, avoids a large number of risks for your business and organization. In the first line, we obviously think of the migration to the cloud, which will quickly influence mobility, remote work and data security.


But upgrading your Sage ERP to v12 also means:


  • Give priority to your customers: understanding their needs, real-time information, etc.
  • Have the latest generation technology: artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.
  • Exploit the deposit of big data: strategic analyses, simulations, anticipations, etc.
  • Extending collaboration between departments and businesses
  • Develop the impact of projects on the performance of the company
  • Control your budget
  • Etc.

In this situation and especially in relation to the times we live in, it is better to be careful and be ready for the unexpected. A modern architecture and information system helps you deal with the greatest number of situations by being responsive and agile.


Whether you are already a Sage customer or questioning this ERP, this article gives you a 1st level of information and documentation. If you want to go further, work on your specifications or attend a demo, do not hesitate to contact us. Our teams are at your disposal.

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