Software financing: What support for the ERP project to reduce the investment?

In view of the challenges and the fear of failure associated with any ERP project, cost is often the main obstacle to the purchase of a solution for companies.


Unless your cash flow and finances allow it, your budget is to be studied closely. To this end, software financing solutions exist to help you reduce the investment. Let's see together the devices you could claim!


In summary:


  • Be attentive to the need to properly estimate your financing
  • SaaS or On-Premise investment
  • What aid for software financing?
  • The integrator for financing training
  • Be attentive to the need to properly estimate your software financing

It is well known that the abandonment of an ERP implementation project is mainly due to a poor initial evaluation of the investment plan.


Project leaders may tend to overestimate their needs so as not to forget anything but without having, at this stage, a real idea of the budget of a modern ERP. Don't fall into this trap!


Indeed, a good assessment of the scope, functionalities and major management issues will have the effect of:


  • Secure your software and integrator research
  • Accurately estimate a budget
  • Find solutions to optimize costs and financing
  • Ensure precise follow-up of expenses related to the implementation of an ERP
  • Credibility of the file and the investment at the scale of the company

Easy to say, but try to think of everything! Especially when we talk about hidden costs in IT. Choosing and carrying out an ERP project requires time that must be measured. If you choose a POC ERP, this too can be a source of additional costs.


SaaS or On-Premise investment

The pricing offer for future ERP licenses will mainly condition your investment plan.


Quick reminder, 2 possibilities are available to you, either SaaS or on-premise:


  • On-premise ERP: Historical version of the software. Purchase of license for installation on the company's internal servers. On this formula, we imagine an investment over several years.
  • ERP SaaS: Having software as a service, online, through a subscription and hosting via the cloud. Here, we will rather think of operating expenses to be counted at the end of each fiscal year.

A small aside, companies clearly show their preference for SaaS projects both for initial equipment and for the renewal of the management solution.


Once this choice is made, you direct your search for solutions and refine your budget and software financing.


How to finance your ERP?

The digital transformation of companies and digital development projects are strongly encouraged. There is financial aid both at European and national level and even at regional level. An ERP can be eligible for these different devices.


The ERDF at European level

One program stands out at European level. You may have already heard of the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). It aims to invest several billion since 2014 and in particular to promote any project for the development of information and communication technologies.


At the time of writing these lines (January 2022), everything has not yet been consummated. An IT project or more precisely the purchase of management software by companies can very well be the subject of financial assistance.


If you want to know more about the ERDF, it's here.


With the regions

Each region has launched its own initiatives to help businesses go digital and finance their ERP software.


Of course, you can contact your region directly to study the different software financing solutions or consult the list on the France Num platform.


PM’Up in the Île-de-France region

The best-known financial system for the Île-de-France region, it is aimed at:


  • SMEs with 5 to 250 employees with a maximum turnover of €50M
  • Medium-sized companies with 250 to 4,999 employees with a maximum turnover of €1.5 billion

This funding is spread over 3 years and can amount to up to €250,000. It aims to support the development of an eligible structure within the framework of material and immaterial investments or consulting services. The acquisition of ERP software, the purchase of licenses and consulting can therefore be the subject of PM’Up assistance.


On the same principle, we find the TP’up intended, this time, for VSEs with a ceiling of 55,000 euros.


SME ambition in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region

Formerly the SME Plan, the Ambition PME scheme aims to support structures to strengthen their performance, promote their development and create jobs. The beneficiaries are the e Companies between 4 and 250 employees located in the region with a turnover less than or equal to 50M €.


For the integration of an ERP, it is possible to request this assistance for:


  • Consulting services
  • Individual or group training
  • Tools to develop the company in management and internal management
  • Etc.

In the same region there is also Ambitioneco. Financial assistance that allows manufacturing companies to finance the costs of consulting services provided, in particular on subjects of strategic and digital maturity, management or data storage.


The digital transformation check in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region

This device is intended for VSEs, SMEs and ETIs to help them, as its name suggests, in financing their digital transition. Consulting services for improving performance and deploying ERP software can qualify for the regional subsidy up to 50% and capped at 150,000 euros. To hope to receive this aid, the company must show proof of its good financial health.


Government aid

In recent years, the government has launched a few support programs. These devices can be renewed according to the periods.


Digital overdamping device

Some industrial SMEs in the field of robotics and digital transformation have been able to take advantage of a tax deduction of up to 40% of the investment through the digital additional depreciation scheme. The objective was to support companies towards the Industry of the future.


This aid, which has already been renewed once for the 2019-2020 period, may be renewed. If so, the information will be posted here.


Tax credit for job competitiveness

From 2019 and until the end of 2021, it was possible to have a Competitiveness Tax Credit (CICE) in order to finance research, innovation or training investments by reducing social security contributions. If you wish to be notified in the event of a change concerning this tax credit, this is where it happens.


A BPI France loan

A well-known financing organization, BPI France offers various aid offers. The Industry of the Future Loan or the Growth Loan are good examples for financing ERP software. Each device has its own criteria. If you are interested, find out directly on the BPI France website.


The integrator for financing training

If your management solutions integrator is referenced as a training organization, as is the case for Flow Line via Qualiopi certification, part of these training costs could be financed. In addition to being a good additional bonus, it is also a selection criterion for the service provider.


Even if an ERP project represents an investment, be careful not to necessarily give in to the sirens of the low-cost offer. Any software integration service is linked to a price but also justifies a level of quality. Financial aid also exists for this.

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