Throwback to our GED webinar with Youdoc

Flow Line Integration in collaboration with our partner T2i, publisher of the EDM solution Youdoc, organized a webinar entitled: "How to succeed in the dematerialization necessary for the evolution of companies? » Find the content and all the reactions of this event.


Document management: a prerequisite for digitization

Initially, companies began their digital transition by optimizing organizational and financial processes. ERP solutions have become reference tools for this purpose.


In 2021, document management becomes, in turn, a real necessity for digitalization and the smooth running of companies. The Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions integrated into the ERP now serve as an undeniable prerequisite for successful dematerialization.


Why a webinar now on GED?

Over time and following the integration of their software, more and more Flow Line customers are asking us about the management of their documentary heritage. For this reason, we decided to organize a webinar on the subject in collaboration with Sage Youdoc.


Questions from our clients have allowed us to identify key themes in their GED needs. Through the challenges of dematerialization based on this feedback, discover the answers provided by the EDM Youdoc solution to manage all of your documentary heritage:


  • How to manage digital documentation related to supplier invoicing?
  • Compliance for the management of regulatory obligations and validation flows?
  • How does the bridge between Sage X3 and Youdoc materialize?


supplier invoicing

Supplier invoicing is a recurring theme when talking about dematerialization. Below are the questions that come up regularly on this subject. The webinar made it possible to ask these questions and see how the Youdoc solution could answer them.


  • How are supplier invoices recognized in the Youdoc solution? Is invoice recognition done by supplier model or some other way?
  • Does the equipped company have a hand in enriching this knowledge base of invoices? What happens when the company has a new supplier involving a new invoice template?
  • For 1000 suppliers, what is the burden of setting up the recognition of 1000 invoice models?
  • Is it possible to process scanned invoices in different PDF formats in Youdoc?
  • Finally, what is the gain for the company?


Compliance and certification

On this theme of compliance and certification two sub-sections to find out how the GED Youdoc solution worked.


Data security:


  • How are the documents protected?
  • Does the archiving of documents comply with the AFNOR NF Z42-013 standard?
  • What type of security can be implemented? Server stamp type? Electronic signature type?

The signature circuits:


  • Can we make comments to justify a refusal?
  • Can you delegate your signature for a period?


Integration with Sage X3

As we have said, the Youdoc solution can be perfectly integrated into Sage X3. The connector between Youdoc and Sage X3 is available from V7. It is also possible to interface the two solutions with earlier versions. But here is what interests us: how do the invoices scanned and processed from Youdoc end up in the ERP X3?


Thanks to Youdoc and the connector, the purchase invoice is created automatically in the X3 software. When you set up this dematerialization solution, you then have “nothing to do”. The system takes care of carrying out by itself the reconciliations on the receipt lines or the amounts excluding and including tax. Another advantage is that the system retains full traceability of part processing.


To see, in real life, how this works in Sage X3, we made a demo on a real supplier invoice during this webinar.


GED questions from live

This webinar raised many questions. In order to respect the duration that we had set ourselves, we decided to collect all of these questions to answer them individually and in a more precise way.


Here is an overview with the answers:


Can Youdoc acquisition be coupled to a corporate SharePoint?


Yes, Youdoc Acquisition allows electronic documents to be published in SharePoint. We can also offer a verticalized GED on purchases with Youdoc Gestion. The latter is offered in the standard module of Sage Youdoc


Are return pages supported?


Yes, Youdoc Acquisition has the ability to take into account any type and format of documents. The solution automatically manages the breakdown of invoices in s a batch of invoices as well as single-multi-page and/or double-sided invoices


Does Youdoc allow documents to be digitally signed, with qualified signature mechanisms?


Youdoc Acquisition lets you sign scanned documents output from the solution. The certificate is provided by the client. In this case, we are talking about an organization certificate and a qualified signature at the level of the organization.


The Youdoc application seems to be available as a heavy client (application and modules to install). Is this application compatible in RDS or Citrix type multi-user environments?


Youdoc Acquisition is compatible with Citrix or Windows TS.


The documents generated and stored by the GED are accessible via X3. Are the documents stored in Youdoc or in Syracuse?


The generated documents are stored in Youdoc Gestion and accessible from X3.


How many times does a supplier's invoice have to "pass" for correct learning?


As standard, we recommend 5 to 7 passes in order to have sufficient sampling to feed the graphical knowledge base.


Possibility of learning on a test basis for a faster start in production?


Yes, the implementation of Youdoc Acquisition is a project containing an initialization phase constituted by learning the different invoices. This in order to allow to go into production with an operational solution.


Regarding the sales part and sends invoices to customers, does the system allow customer authentication to retrieve their invoices? What safeguards are in place?


Youdoc Gestion lets you publish documents on an extranet platform. The extranet interface is to be developed by the client.


Possibility to put streams via API?


Yes, Youdoc has several APIs to archive, update documents. In addition to these aspects, the solution makes it possible to retrieve documents in a physical tree structure, in mailboxes, ftp site, etc. Documents can also be stored in the GED via QueueJMS.


If you have any questions about the management of your documentary heritage, do not hesitate to contact our teams.

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