We have redone our customer portal… What do you mean?

Sooner or later, it is often necessary to upgrade your tools. After proud services, Add-People, the tool used for our support and customer service has come to the end of the road.


A tool for more support and customer service

Why did you develop this new tool for customer support and service? Several signals told us that it was time to get started:


  • The tool in place showed its limits: for a few years, Flow Line has used Add-People. A tool that is too limited and above all not very scalable in a modern era
  • A request from our customers: the customer portal is one of the most important touchpoints. It was therefore imperative to take their feedback into consideration.
  • Too weak user experience: in the digital age, the ergonomics of a solution is essential for effective use of the tool and a relevant customer-supplier relationship. Add-People no longer met this criterion
  • Bring a new functional richness: Add-People allowed a simple management of the tickets and the computer park of our customers without giving more. It seems essential to us to provide a tool that can go further and evolve over time with a regular addition of features
  • An ever more complicated maintenance: aging technology and complex updates. Becoming the only master on board in maintaining your solution makes it easier to respond to the changing needs of our customers

The desire to give new perspectives for customer support logically arose.


A solution called KeepIn Line, which technically will want to be at the top, for more proximity with our customers and which, ultimately, would allow better monitoring of tickets and the fleet.


A Salesforce technology project

The choice of the technological platform was one of the many questions involved in such a project.


Paradoxically, this decision was the easiest to make.


As a Salesforce integrator, we are fully aware of the possibilities that this platform can offer.


Salesforce is obviously CRM with the Sales Cloud solution, but it's not just that. Salesforce is a whole range of tools at the service of the customer and a technological platform from which it is possible to edit your own Apps.


Faced with this opportunity, we logically wanted to develop our own Extranet while relying on the standard Salesforce tools of the service that we integrate, namely:


  • Community Cloud for the content management part (CMS) and the collaborative dimension
  • Cloud services for managing tickets, fleet and customer interactions

At the same time, we took the opportunity to upgrade our information system for project management and team planning.


The goal is to provide better visibility to our customers and better understand the monitoring of projects. A goal that we will deploy soon.


In short, KeepIn Line is a full-fledged Salesforce project on multiple axes


The different stages of the project

A Salesforce project offers the same characteristics as a management system within the framework of an ERP project. It is obviously necessary to adapt the methodology with similar steps:


An analysis phase: analysis of the existing situation, collection of customer requests and integration of our own improvement needs for ticket tracking

  • A pre-configuration and prototyping phase
  • A test phase
  • A deployment phase

As part of this Salesforce project, the renowned agile method corresponded perfectly. The production launch, equivalent to the 1st sprint, will cover at least all the functionalities of the current Add-People tool.


Other sprints are already scheduled. We said it, we want the most scalable solution over time.


On the human resources side, we were able to rely on a project team of 4 "Flow Liners" with a well-identified "scrum master" and "product owner".


What to remember about the project for our customer service

As you will have understood, this project dedicated to customer support is characterized by several points that we list below:


  • A tool that will be modern, collaborative and scalable for the benefit of our customers
  • A tool based on 2 Salesforce clouds: Community and Services
  • A project carried out using an agile method
  • A 100% Flow Line project team

The choice to respect Salesforce standards and logic as much as possible

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