Which ERP to favor for a startup?

Any startup with growth ambitions must invest in an ERP management tool in order to support it in its growth and not be limited by its material resources.


According to French Tech, France has nearly 22,000 startups. We can count a lot more than that but if we assume that a startup is a company with growth potential, scalability then it's about 22,000 companies.

Startup: definition

A startup is a company that seeks to experiment with a new activity in a new market with risks that are difficult to assess. According to Steve Blank, a startup is a "temporary organization looking for an industrializable, profitable business model that allows growth".


Startups are above all people who are tech-oriented.


The goal of a startup is to offer an innovative solution to a problem.


Successfully scaling up: from startup to scale up

Is it better to focus on demand or supply marketing?

For starters, what is demand marketing?


Demand marketing is starting from the targets you want to take care of to find their problems and frustrations. We will analyze and choose what we can bring to them to meet their needs and problems.


On the contrary, the marketing of the offer is to start from the offer / the product and then find targets that may be interested. The goal is to make them a value proposition based on a technology that we already have.


As you will surely have understood by reading it, the best thing is to focus on demand marketing.


As Steeve Branck advises, get out of your office, talk to your users, talk to customers.


To sum up, we must try to move from the minimum viable product to the minimum lovable product.

Key points to reassure investors

As a startup, the goal is to attract investors in order to be able to develop its activity. However, how can you reassure them and obtain the best possible investments?


The first step is to deploy an ERP. You may be wondering what the connection is between investors and ERP management software.


Indeed, an ERP reassures because it allows to:


  • Ensure delivery deadlines are met
  • Improve customer follow-up and the prospecting process
  • Maximize the structuring of internal processes
  • Consolidate competitive intelligence
  • Provide rich documentation for all employees
  • Make better decisions
  • Reassure candidates and clients
  • Demonstrate the good health of the company
  • Testify that the startup has a good structure and is able to meet demand

For a startup, setting up an ERP is a reassuring criterion for potential investors since it demonstrates a serious and sustainable activity with significant growth potential.

When to integrate your ERP?

To put the odds on their side, startups must invest in an ERP to develop. However, this represents a real investment whose real potential we sometimes fail to see. This is why it is imperative to start thinking about investing in an ERP at the right time to take full advantage of its benefits.


But when is the ideal time? Well, that's just before the hyper growth.


An activity that has become too important can delay the deployment of the ERP.


However, on the contrary, deploying an ERP too early would not allow us to benefit from the resources necessary for this project. The startup needs human resources, that is to say enough employees, and financial resources in order to configure and deploy the ERP in the best possible conditions.


The best time is therefore before the hyper growth phase.


Knowing that ERP is an integrated software solution, it is a convenient way to access all the necessary information from a single database. This is why, before marketing its product or service, the startup must set up an ERP in order to manage its administrative part, logistics, accounting, its purchasing process, HR, customer relations, etc.


Netsuite, the ERP dedicated to startups with growth ambitions


The strengths of the Netsuite solution

Netsuite is an interesting ERP for startups. Here are the key figures of this ERP:


  • It is the first ERP in the cloud
  • Customers in over 203 countries and territories
  • More than 27,000 international customers
  • More than 6,000 new customers in 1 year
  • 24 languages are supported in the user interface
  • More than 190 currencies are updated daily,
  • More than 100 countries supported for tax calculation and general reports ion
  • 99% of customers transact in multiple currencies
  • 51% of customers carry out their transactions in several countries
  • 557 subsidiaries belonging to a single client
  • 161 currencies used by a single customer 57 countries where customers carry out transactions

According to the Forbes 2021 list, of the 100 customers, 81% chose Netsuite because it is the first company to support its customers internationally.

Netsuite, the natural link for startups

The real plus of Netsuite is that this ERP accompanies you throughout your growth.


In the life of a Start-up, we structure, develop and grow. Netsuite is the ERP that will accompany you in all these stages while remaining adapted to your needs whatever the size that your company will take and the growth that you will experience.


You can start as a scalable startup then evolve into mid-market and end up in mature companies and Netsuite will always be adapted to your company.


To give you concrete examples, Netsuite has been able to support Deezer, Doctolib, Back Market, Blablacar, Klaxoon, Veepee or even Mirakl from their beginnings to today. These companies that started small are now market leaders with a name that everyone knows.

Netsuite is perfect for growing startups that need better structuring or are expanding internationally. This 100% Cloud ERP is recognized and appreciated in particular for its ability to adapt perfectly to the constraints of startups.



A startup with hyper-growth ambitions must invest in an ERP solution if it wants to have the capacity to assume its development and meet the needs of its customers.


Netsuite is the ERP dedicated to growing startups. This management software ensures consistent development, even internationally, and supports startups throughout their life.

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